Sparkle Update May 2010

With just two months to go before Sparkle 2010 we wanted to bring you the latest update:

Tickets for the Sparkle Ball are selling well, but as we have to pay for the buffet in advance there will definitely be no tickets on sale at Sparkle and in fact sales will close by mid-June. So if you are thinking about attending the Saturday night Ball then please book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment! See

Entries for the new Tranny’s Got Talent and Tranny of The Year are open now. Again if you are thinking of taking part in either then please don’t leave your entry too late. Both have a maximum number of entrants and last minute entries may be disappointed. We are happy to welcome back those who took part in TOTY last year. See

And finally we do need a bit of help from you too! As previously we are looking for some volunteers to act as Stewards in the park on the Saturday afternoon. You would only be required to do a two hour ‘shift’ – 12 noon until 2pm / 2 – 4 / 4 – 6 or 6 – 7.30pm. The choice of time is down to you. We are obliged by law to have Stewards or the event can’t take place, it’s not hard work and we would appreciate some support.

If you are willing to volunteer then please contact Jane Maybe who is the Chief Steward this year:

We look forward to seeing you all in July!


The Sparkle Team

Sparkle 2010 – Tranny’s Got Talent

Look out for SPARKLE’s Newest Spectacular Event – ‘Tranny’s Got Talent’

Britain has it, granny’s have it, even pets have it – Now it’s time to prove that Trannies have loads of it!

Come and see the Top Ten video audition finalists on the stage at Sparkle in the Park and then enjoy the Top Three at the Sparkle Ball on the Saturday night.

If you are a talented T-Girl this is your opportunity to strut your stuff and to win some fabulous prizes too!

We are looking for singers, mime artists, dancers, comedians, speciality acts, jugglers, contortionists, whatever you do – we want to see you do it.

The top 10 will join Chelsea Darling on stage on Saturday afternoon at Sparkle in the Park.

More information on how to apply and full rules here:

Entries open from 1st February until 1st July 2010.

Sparkle 2010 Dates

The dates for Sparkle 2010 will be:

Friday July 9th – Sunday 11th July 2010

Thanks to everyone who attended or helped in the organisation, Sparkle 2009 was a great success!

The Sparkle organisational team are now taking a break, but there are plans to welcome on board some new people for next years event. Make a note of the dates and look out for more info on the Sparkle web site towards the end of the year.

Bella Jay
Sparkle Event Co-ordinator

It’s time to Sparkle

Sparkle 2009 is almost upon us. We’re all heading off to Manchester for a weekend of celebration!


See you there!

For more information about all the events taking place over the Sparkle weekend, go here.

Pictures from the Sparkle event will be added to the Sparkle Flickr stream. You can see all the photos, plus photos from previous events here.

Sparkle Needs Stewards

Bella Jay is looking for people who can give up two hours of their Sparkle Saturday – details are here:

We are expecting hundreds of people to attend Sparkle this year and like any event of that size we need help to make sure the day runs smoothly for everyone. Below are details of help that we require, nothing more than an couple of hours at the most, so we aren’t asking people to give up even half a day of their weekend.

If you think you might be able to help then please e-mail me, BUT do think very carefully before you volunteer as people saying they will help and then not turning up or changing their minds is worse than not volunteering in the first place!

Sparkle Stewards – Because of the numbers of people in the Park, the City Council and the Police insist that we have a team of official Sparkle Stewards on duty all day Saturday. Rather than expect anyone to give up their whole day, I thought it would be good to have a team of volunteers working in shifts – so each Steward works for just two hours. Basically the duties involve stuff like directing people to the loos, contacting the first-aid staff if anyone is hurt or alerting the security people if someone is causing trouble (Full info will be provided on the day.) In practice you will probably have very little to do but wander round the Park wearing a Sparkle hi-vis vest for a couple of hours! We need a team of about 24 volunteers so fingers-crossed!

The Saturday shift times are as follows (please say when you are available):
12 noon – 2 pm / 2 – 4 pm / 4 – 6 pm / 6 – 8 pm

Friday afternoon unloading – I also need a few people to help me unload crowd control barriers from the delivery lorry on Friday afternoon please. It will take about 10 minutes maximum with a few of us and be sometime around 3/4pm. Last year I ended up doing it all myself and it nearlly killed me! So please can I have a hand this time round!

So if anyone thinks they may be able and willing to help please get in touch – if you have any questions please do ask. Thank you!

Bella Jay

If you can help, please let Bella Jay know. Thanks!

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