Black Pride 08 – Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets are now on sale for official UK Black Pride festival (UKBP) that will take place on Saturday 16th August in Regents Park, London. (Pink News)

UKBP was formed in 2005 following a successful day trip to the beach. With the help of the BME LGBT community the organisation was established.

“There will be something for everyone to enjoy and more importantly the pride event is an opportunity to proudly support and celebrate the talents and achievements of the UK’s Black, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community,” organisers said.

The UKBP festival promises to be an exciting day filled with music, entertainment, live performances, music by the UK’s best DJs, a market place, information stalls and much more.

UKBP is dedicated to promoting unity among Black people of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American descent who identify as Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual and Transgender.

UKBP are offering an early bird offer and giving 30% discount on the standard ticket price until Monday 14th July.

Students will also be able to get a discount of 50% off the standard ticket price.

There is also a limited “Diamond package” deal on offer which includes a champagne reception, buffet lunch and free entry to Bootylicious and Soul Naturelle.

UKBP is also looking for volunteers to help out on the day. For more information go to

Nearly Time to Sparkle

Sparkle is only a matter of days away now and for those of you who are going this would be a good time to check the Sparkle calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. You can discuss your plans for the weekend in our special Sparkle Forum.

You can get the full list of events at

Don’t forget that as well as the events taking place along Canal Street and Sackville Gardens, there are also free workshops, lectures and the photo exhibition taking place at the MMU.

This 4th year of Sparkle promises to be bigger and better than ever!

A Welcome to Sparkle

It’s only a fortnight to go until Sparkle 08, and many girls will be starting to plan what they are going to do over the Sparkle weekend. For those new to Sparkle, or completely new to being out en-femme this can be a daunting prospect.

The AXM is hosting the Welcome to Sparkle meetup between 3-6pm on the Friday afternoon.

This is where Sparkle really starts and is the perfect place to arrange to meet up with friends and plan your weekend ahead. If you’re new to the scene or new to Manchester then this is where to make some new friends and talk to the locals.

Anyone who is at Sparkle for the first time, on their own or nervous about being out dressed, is welcome to come along to the AXM bar in male mode during this time.

Full details of all the weekends activities will be available, plus the Sparkle Information Point – run for us by TranzNet, providing TG help and support.

Emma Lovelace (who is at Sparkle for the fourth time) and her wife Lesley have kindly agree to host a get-together for new girls. If you want to find others in the same position as you or someone to walk into the Village with later in the evening, or simply want someone to help with those first-time nerves – then this is your first point of contact.

Ask the girls on the Sparkle info stand to point you in Emma and Lesley’s direction. Between 3.00 and 5.00 pm

For more information, please go to

LGBT Youth Picnic in Soho Square

London’s largest gathering of LGBT youth will take place in the centre of the city later this month.

The capital’s next generation of gays will gather in Soho Square on Friday 20th June for the ‘OutZone Summer Picnic’.

Organised by The OutZone Youth Project and PACE Youthwork, the annual picnic is part of the Pride celebrations, in the run up to the main Pride London 2008 event on Saturday 5th July.

The OutZone Youth Project and Youthwork Service are part of PACE, founded in 1985.

“The event was originally developed as a way to help young men, to feel more confident about ‘being themselves’ in public spaces,” said PACE Youthwork Service Manager Andy Higgins.

“It was also promoted as a safe and facilitated introduction to central London’s ‘gay scene’ – which they often perceive as an intimidating and threatening environment.”

The event now in its 6th year and has been opened up to friends and family of LGBT youth.

“We thought it would be an excellent idea to make it into a community event by having their families, and straight friends come along to enjoy the evening,” explained Mr Higgins.

Senior Youth Worker Jo Gate Eastley added:

“It always astounds me how many young people turn up to our mid-summer picnic, come rain or shine.

“Pride London celebrations would not be complete without this event.

“Last year we attracted a particularly high number of lesbian and bisexual young women, and we’re hoping to see similar amounts of girls enjoying the summer sunshine, along with the boys, this year.”

The event is aimed at young people aged 25 and under and participants may be asked to prove their age and identity.


The Angels Calendar

Just a quick reminder that I am trying to keep up to date with TG events with the Angels Calendar, which you can see here

If you know of any events I’m missing – or that needs updating – then please let me know via email or pm me via the forum.

If you have an event you want putting on there can you please let me know

name of event
website with more info / email contact details

some blurb to describe it (plain text please, no flyers)

Dates and how it repeats (ie third wednesday, every saturday)

If your event has a odd rotation – ie every third friday unless its a full moon in which case its the second sunday – please give me a list of your next stack of meetings… and remail me when they run out.

If you don’t give me that info then it makes it hard for me to add the event correctly… I can’t spend ages pouring over a website trying to work out the info to put in the post.



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