Angels 10th Birthday Party 22nd Jan 2010

Angels 10th Birthday

In celebration of the Angels reaching the grand old age of 10 years old in January 2010 I would like to announce that we are having a little party to celebrate.

The party will take place at the Pink Punters club, Fenny Stratford (near Milton Keynes) on Friday 22nd January 2010 (Link to map).

The nearest hotel is the much-loved Campanile across the road. Book early to guarantee a room, and there’s an early bird discount if you book a room more than 30 days before the event.

More details will be revealed nearer the time. Please spread the word. Use the banner below if you want to help advertise the event. 

Angels Birthday Banner

Transgender woman heads back to UK for school reunion

(Brisbane Times) School reunions can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone.

So spare a thought for the 39-year-old Brisbane anti-spamming expert Michelle Sullivan, who will next week travel to her former home town in the English county of Norfolk to see her past schoolmates for the first time in more than two decades.

It will be the first time she sees them as a woman.

The transgender Griffith University technical specialist began her transition from male to female with a course of testosterone blockers and then hormones two years ago but to her old friends at West Flegg High School near the city of Great Yarmouth, she was just the young boy from the schoolyard.

“A lot of them have found out on Facebook,” she said.

“They’ve seen photos but of course my transition has been across here. It’s been very, very…different for them. They’re all cool with it. I think some of them are just really, really intrigued more than anything. Nobody ever knew.”

Regardless, there is still an overpowering feeling of trepidation about the long-awaited catch-up in the Old Dart next weekend.

“I’m actually terrified about the whole thing. I’m not scared as in running, screaming and shouting. I’m just nervous,” she said.

“If you imagine getting dressed up as a woman and going out for the very first time publicly and on your own, that’s comparable.”

AngelBlogs Launched

I’ve been tinkering on this for a while, and I think It’s ready to launch (hopefully)

If you would like your very own Angels blog, then please go to

It’s not connected to the main angels database, so you will need to sign up with a new username and password. It will send you an email to activate, then just log in and start blogging.

it uses the WordPress format which gives you a very simple interface.

The free version has a small amount of space for storing images, but if you pay for the “supporter” version you can get 5GB of space and access to lots of plug ins to add extra features. It’s £12 for a year, but you can pay monthly if you wish (via paypal), all money goes into the Angels kitty to fund webhosting costs etc.

All new blogs get 60 days of supporter access so you can see what its like.

your blog would share the angelblogs domain name – so if you signed up as fredblogs you would be on

I hope this is something you feel is useful.

Unexpected death of trans activist

Lynne Braithwaite, a long serving trans activist died of a stroke in Lancaster Royal Infirmary on the 12th of August 2008.

Lynne served in the RAF for nearly forty years, from September 1949 retiring as a Flight Sergeant on the 1st July 1989. Her expertise was maintenance of Vulcan Bombers. It was with this experience that she was invited as a consultant to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust whose aim was to get a Vulcan bomber flying again. This was achieved early in 2008 when the Vulcan Bomber XH558 passed its air worthiness tests. Lynne was so very proud of this achievement.

Not long after her transition to female in 1994, she contacted Lancashire Police Service asking what policies and procedures they had regarding trans people. Lynne had significant input advising on best practice for trans people as service users and employees in the police service. Until July 2008 she was an active member of Lancashire Northern Police Division’s Independent Advisors Group, where over the years she was consulted on a number of policing issues and policies. At the time of her death she was an active member of Trans Lancs group (see picture on pfc frontpage). This is an advisory team for Lancashire Constabulary, keeping them up to date with the legal and social issues affecting trans people. Lancashire Police now have policies which have had a direct input from the trans community. Indeed the Deputy Chief Constable Mike Cunningham is the Association of Chief Police Officers lead on trans issues. Lancashire Police said ‘Lynne has been a real asset to the division. Her services and support to local policing will be sadly missed’.

Lynne enjoyed all aspects of educating people on trans issues whenever the need arose and was not afraid to challenge misconceptions. The trans community may have lost a strong activist but her achievements will have lasting positive effects for us all. Lynne hosted a Web Page which does more justice to the memory of her life than can be covered here. Please visit whilst it is still active.

Lynne was a vibrant indefatigable person who was always active and approached life with the enthusiasm of someone decades younger. She will be greatly missed.

Quote from Lynne: If you cannot be true to yourself then you cannot be true to anyone.

Lynne Janine Braithwaite:
July 1st 1934 – 12th August 2008

Sparkle 2009 Dates Announced

We are pleased to be able to announce the dates for the fifth fabulous Sparkle weekend!

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th July 2009 are the dates for your diary.

The Sparkle web site has been updated to reflect this year’s weekend and will be fully revised early next year when we launch promotion of the 2009 event.

The organisational team will be taking a break for a few months now. But pleased be assured we will be back next year to bring you an even bigger and better Sparkle 2009!

Thank you everyone for your support.

Bella Jay
Sparkle event Co-ordinator

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