(Daily Mirror) A 16-year-old girl said she realised she was transgender at TEN – after watching a television show about transsexuals.

Danielle Lloyd, born Laine Gratton, was inspired to confess to her mother that she was actually a girl after first realising it when she was in year five at primary school and watched the Channel 4 documentary My Transsexual Summer.

The programme, which aired in November 2011, focussed on people undergoing sex changes.

For Danielle, of Uxbridge, north London, it provided the inspiration to reveal her true identity – although she did not admit the truth until she was 13.

But shockingly her mum, Priscilla, now 46, already knew – and was just waiting for her then-son to realise it himself.

Her dad, Paul, 49, was so supportive he took his young daughter shopping for makeup so she was happy.

Danielle said: “I was blown away by the support of my parents.

“I was so afraid to tell them but knowing they’re happy with who I really am has made my transition easier.”

Danielle, who dropped out of school in 2015 after being bullied, said: “We were watching TV and I said I had something I needed to tell my mum.

“I said I didn’t feel right, and she said ‘Because you want to be a girl?’

“She said she had always known, she was just waiting for me to figure it out.”

Danielle said as a young child she never understood the difference between boys and girls.

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