Real Gurl Siliconewear supply a wide range of high quality siliconewear. This includes one and two piece breastforms, an all-in one breast shirt, and padded girl shorts. These have been designed with the transgendered community in mind.

If you want to win a pair for yourself, read on!

The primary difference in their breast prosthesis products are the purpose for which they were created: TRUE illusion. Once applied to your body, these Real Breasts become a visible and tactile part of you, rather than an obvious “stuck on” appearing breast form. Other breast forms are made to create an illusion UNDER clothing, which hides the separation between the breast form and your body. Real Breasts create a convincing illusion — in look AND feel — even when your clothing comes off; The look and feel of these breasts is as close to reality as you will get without surgically changing your body. We do not encase our silicone gel with plastic like other breast forms, which wrinkles unnaturally and tends to have a shiny, unrealistic surface; Real Breasts are made with an ultra thin silicone outer membrane, which has the soft look and feel of human skin

Their Real Breast shirt is a silicone shirt with gel filled breasts, made with the same materials as silicone breast implants. The shirt is cut from under the breast line to just below your jawline, and extends to the edges of your arms for maximum coverage. Quick and easy to put on, with no adhesive required, for convenience and ease of use.

Their Gurl Shorts are silicone shorts which will change your apparent body proportions and shape into a more feminine silhouette. The ultimate accessory for creating the most believable illusion of wider hips and an hourglass figure. You can now have the shape you have dreamed of seeing in the mirror.


Their Two piece breast kits is a line of ultra realistic wearable breast forms available in multiple sizes and 5 standard skin tones: fair, light tan, medium, tan and cocoa. These colors encompass most natural skin tones. In addition, you may custom blend the silicone color with your skin using blushes and/or foundation make up powders, or alcohol based body inks.

Real Breast Giveaway Competition!

We’ve got a special UK Angels giveaway of one of their two piece breast kits, worth $750! Just go over to this thread on the UK Angels website and leave a comment if you want to be in the draw. You can also enter via our Facebook group.

Closing date is midnight on 16th June.

Good luck!

Real Gurl Siliconewear


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