(Daily Mirror) Teenager Phoebe Cesinaro has fulfilled her dreams and overcome her bullies to become her school’s first ever transgender cheerleader.

However, just two years ago Phoebe was presenting herself as a gay male and using her birth name Christian.

Since coming out as a straight transgender girl, the brave sixteen-year-old has faced cruel bullying and been ostracised from her peers.

But rather than hide, the teenager decided to transition and fought for the chance to become the school’s first transgender cheerleader.

Despite two failed try-outs, Phoebe, from Kitchener in Ontario, Canada, has since been promoted from the junior squad to the senior squad.

The teen revealed the energetic sport has helped her cope with the bullying and boosted her confidence throughout her challenging transition.

She said: “I tried to get on the team for two years but I just wasn’t good enough so during summer I built my confidence as I had to be happy and confident to get on the team.

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