(Mashable) A transgender woman dressed elegantly in her wedding dress is about to marry her cisgender fiancé. A loving crowd surrounds them as the pastor begins the ceremony.

There’s no dissension, no frowning on-lookers and nobody protesting what’s in front of them — not that there ever should be. But this TV wedding isn’t taking place in 2015. It’s 1977.

The show was All That Glitters, a five-night-a-week series from Norman Lear that debuted in April of that year and would go on to last only 13 weeks before cancelation. The short-lived show has a special place in history for the transgender community, as it featured the first transgender series regular on a television series.

Since then, though, the transgender community’s quest for visibility on television has been a rocky road. Even the shows that tried to include transgender charcters in the years that followed didn’t always do it right.

But as the second season of the much-lauded Amazon series Transparentdebuts, it’s worth looking back — from the time when the T in LGBT was predominantly silent (or poorly represented) to now, when people like Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have given a voice to the trans community on the small screen.

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