(Border Telegraph) A TRANSGENDER woman from the Borders is raising money for LGBT charities by completing a 30 mile walk – in four inch high heels.

Jai Dara Latto lives in Walkerburn but was born in Bangkok to an Indian/Thai mother and Scottish father.

On April 30, the 22-year-old will be walking from Walkerburn to Edinburgh Castle to raise money for three LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) charities.

Jai’s cross-country catwalk – 31.94 miles – will take her over ten hours to complete, a feat many would find difficult in trainers let alone stilettos.

She will also be having three costume changes along the way, with a different Victoria Secret-style outfit for every 10 miles of the trek.

“The distance is to show the time and length that many trans people have to go through to become their true identity,” she explained. “This may be with acceptance from society or the support they get with health care.

“The high heels are to show the difficulties there are while going through this process, and also the pain that many trans women get when they try and fit into a female stereotype.

“The Victoria secret style outfit is to show that trans people should be proud of their bodies no matter what stage of the transition that they are on. We are all beautiful and should be seen as that.

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