(BroadlyHer Story is a new series that explores the love lives of transgender and queer women. Historically, these narratives have been subsumed by the perspective of the male protagonist: She is the devastating surprise twist in his story. This has changed in the past two years to some degree, with the rise of shows like Transparent, but next week an unprecedented look into the relationships of queer and trans women will debut and stream for free on the series’ website.

Writer, actress, and filmmaker Jen Richards (I am Cait) knows firsthand how terribly inaccurate, boring, and ultimately harmful the gross misrepresentation of trans sexuality truly is. She and lesbian filmmaker Laura Zak combined forces to write and star in Her Story. In an interview with Broadly, Richards explained, “The name itself,Her Story, comes down to the kind of depictions we do normally see, which is some guy picks up a girl and, to his horror and disgust, realizes she’s ‘really a dude’.” As a transgender woman, Richards would watch cliched shows like that and wonder who the woman in question actually is—forget about the guy. “I was always thinking,Okay, but what’s her story? What was it like for her to go out, meet that guy, and have to disclose? That’s the story I wanted to tell: Her Story.”

“Desire is apolitical,” Richards said. “You don’t get to dogmatically decide who your body is attracted to.” This is inherent to Her Story. The series centers around two characters, portrayed by Richards and Zak, who find themselves surprisingly, and somewhat inconveniently, attracted to each other.

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