(Daily Mirror) As a young boy, Alice Castle grew up in Scotland wondering why boys could wear kilts but not skirts.

That was when she was David, a boy with a gender that didn’t fit.

But now as 22-year-old Alice she is free to be the woman she wants to be.

Growing up in Livingston there was only the vaguest sense of the transgender journey to come, the real eureka moment came relatively recently.

She told the Daily Record: “I knew since high school there was something that felt limiting.

“I remember thinking ‘I want to wear skirts, skirts look cute’ but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I began to understand what transgender really means, and I realised, ‘yes, that’s me’.

“There was never a moment I was stereotypically feminine, where I suddenly liked Barbies, even now I now I am not too feminine but I did come to realise that I identify with being female.”

She was lucky that when that realisation came that she had found friends online who understood what lay ahead helped guide her through revolutionising her life.

When the time came to tell her family, she was prepared and although it took some time to adjust, they have been very supportive.

Step by step she has made the transition, from wearing that skirt to changing her name.

“I talked it through with my family when I had a clearer understanding of the person I was trying to become.”

Part of that was choosing a name and as a comic book fan she picked Alice, after the character Big Alice, a strong and tenacious protagonist in the Pretty Deadly series.

She said: “Hearing people refer to me as Alice feels like the real me, more than my birth name ever did.

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