Just a reminder that it’s nearly time for the Sparkle weekend 2015! Sparkle runs from 10-12th July in Manchester. Sparkle is about celebrating being trans and all that goes with it. If you’re just starting out on the journey as a trans person or ally, or if you’ve been out as trans for a while – Sparkle is the place to share and celebrate it.

SparkleSparkle is open to everyone who sees themselves as transgender – and this extends to friends and families – no matter if they be living full-time or just ‘dressing up’ for an occasional days or nights out. We accept the differing aspirations and needs of the various people within our trans* community, and invite all to come together and share our celebration.

Sparkle is for everyone on the trans* spectrum for female to male, male to female, gender queer, bi-gender, gender fluid, trans-masculine, drag kings, crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals – Sparkle is truly inclusive and we want to ensure that all aspects of the trans* community is represented throughout the celebration in the Sparkle in the Park, Live Entertainment, Talks and Workshops, and Sparkle Fringe.

You can find out more here: www.sparkle.org.uk


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