(Montreal Gazette) A Victoria, B.C. woman has started a new form of protest: she’s taken to using men’s public washrooms, and is making headlines in the process. And you can be sure other women will be doing the same thing in Canada and the United States.

Brae Carnes, 23, is a “transgender” woman, not that the word “transgender” should be needed here. But it has to be used because she and many other trans women in Canada feel they are the victims of discrimination after Conservative Senator Don Plett and others derailed Bill C-279 — a gender identity/trans rights bill — by introducing an amendment that would force transgender women to use the men’s washroom and dressing room facilities in public places and transgender men to use the women’s facilities.

So, as Brae told the Victoria Times Colonist: “I’m giving them what they want. I’m actively showing them what it would look like if that became law and how completely ridiculous it is. It’s just not right.”


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