I’ve been tinkering on this for a while, and I think It’s ready to launch (hopefully)

If you would like your very own Angels blog, then please go to


It’s not connected to the main angels database, so you will need to sign up with a new username and password. It will send you an email to activate, then just log in and start blogging.

it uses the WordPress format which gives you a very simple interface.

The free version has a small amount of space for storing images, but if you pay for the “supporter” version you can get 5GB of space and access to lots of plug ins to add extra features. It’s £12 for a year, but you can pay monthly if you wish (via paypal), all money goes into the Angels kitty to fund webhosting costs etc.

All new blogs get 60 days of supporter access so you can see what its like.

your blog would share the angelblogs domain name – so if you signed up as fredblogs you would be on


I hope this is something you feel is useful.

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