The film festival that we ran at Sparkle two years ago proved so successful that we have decided to revisit the idea again this coming year. To give this year’s event a slightly different feel (and to lower the bar to make it easier for people to submit) this time we are looking for very short films: 1 or 2 minutes max (well, trannies are famous for our short attention span ;o).

They can be factual documentaries, pure fiction, or anything in between. They can be blog-style to-camera, shot in you living room, or out on location. Don’t worry about slick production and editing – we are looking for a good message or a well told story. Fancy visuals are an optional extra ! All we ask is that they have some interesting trans angle. For this year’s festival, we are aiming for a kind of “visual box of chocolates” – lots of variety, lots of choice and a little tasty something for everybody !

If you’d like to submit a film to be considered for inclusion in this year’s film festival then drop us a line at:

If you have something and you are not sure if it will be suitable, email us – it can’t hurt to ask ! You can discuss this on the Angels forum here.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Sparkle (where _have_ you been !!!), take a look at:

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